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What are the Attractions to Explore with a Cuba Yacht Charter?

Posted on by John Flemming

Cuba is one of the major countries of the Caribbean region and one with a rich cultural heritage. The vibrant attractions offered by this island nation draw visitors from all corners of the globe. A Cuba yacht charter is considered by many as the best way to explore the delights of the island. If you are interested in seeing the highlights of Cuba in a few days, booking a charter to Cuba is quite convenient. Finding reliable travel options to the island by air or sea is not difficult. Many tour operators offer attractive packages that let you go around some of the most famous Cuban destinations. If you intend to get a better idea regarding what can be explored on a yacht charter, take a look at the places mentioned below. 

Top Places to Experience on a Cuba Yacht Charter 

The capital city Havana - 

Havana, the capital of Cuba, is way more than just a typical Caribbean island town. Every square mile of is steeped in its eventful history and displays signs of its rich cultural identity. Situated in northern Cuba, the city is quite close to mainland USA. Getting there is no hassle but one should opt for a yacht tour. Get ready to explore the music, art, architecture, life, livelihood and favorite pastimes of the locals. 

El Morro - 

El Morro is a must-see location if you are visiting Havana on your Cuba yacht charter tour. The mighty and imposing fortress stands tall and is the gateway to Havana. If you intend to see the historical castle in all its lit glory, taking a trip around sunset is the best option. The grandeur of this structure right on the Havana coast is something you will cherish forever. Most yacht charter tour operators do offer people trips to this iconic location. 

Varadero Resort - 

If the scenic beauty of white beaches and the azure waters entice your soul, a visit to the Varadero Resort is recommended. His is yet another popular destination covered by yacht charters to Cuba. Situated in the Matanzas province of Cuba, this picturesque location offers an amazing blend of culture, excitement, and relaxation. The place also contains the famous hideout place of the notorious gangster Al Capone, which can also be explored. You can also explore the local cafes, or take a trip to the nearby Zapata Peninsula. 

Hemingway Estate - 

Ernest Hemingway is still considered as one of the true literary mavericks of the 20th century and a widely respected figure internationally. The Hemingway’s Estate in Cuba was his residence in the country and has been revamped by the Cuban government. It can be visited as part of a Cuba yacht charter tour package. You can explore the historic interiors of the great novelist’s erstwhile home, and glance over the many artifacts within its walls. It truly is an experience not to be missed. 

These are some of the key Cuban locations to explore on yacht charter trips to the island. Get in touch with a reliable tour service to get the best experience.

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