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Types of Yacht Charters in the Bahamas

Posted on by John Flemming

If you want to visit the Bahamas, the best option available to you is the yacht charter. These charter boats float in a turquoise blue-green sea like gems. The Bahamas yacht charters are blessed with white and pink sand, abundant sunshine, and scope for lots of adventure activities. The locals of the Bahamas are very friendly. The Bahamas has a serene, remote charm that is unique in every aspect. Visitors who want to experience heaven during their trip to the Bahamas must ride a yacht charter.

What are the Various Types of Yacht Charters?

The various types of yacht charters are listed as follows:

Solstice 47: 

It is the most popular crewed sailing catamaran in the Bahamas. One major reason why visitors love Solstice 47 ride is because of its affordable pricing structure. The wonderful and friendly crew is the other reason. Solstice 47 comprises of certified dive instructors. Unlike other charters, Solstice 47 has a dive compressor. If you have a knack for water rides, then riding in Solstice 47 can be the perfect thing for you.
Lots of yacht charter brokers operating in the Bahamas have more than 25 years of experience. There are large selections of luxury crewed yachts and bareboat offering state-of-the-art amenities to visitors. In these yachts and bareboat, you can experience the warm, calm seas. You can also engage in different types of fun activities. The Bahamas Private Boat Charters have friendly staff who are ever ready to serve the visitors.

Island Time 110: 

It is another popular yacht charter in the Bahamas. From the perspective of fuel consumption, Island Time 110 is the most economical in the market. It is undoubtedly the best-priced yacht comprising 4 staterooms and sleeping 10. Many renowned personalities like Blackbeard and Ernest Hemingway have undergone this voyage.
If you crave for a luxurious dream vacation at sea, Island Time 110 can be the perfect choice for you. The luxury yachts of Island Time 110 range from 47’-170’ in size. These charters also have a variety of accessories giving them an elegant look. There are also fine dining provisions for guests. The Bahamas yacht charters deliver high-quality services at affordable rates that make travelers opt for them.

Abaco the Bahamas Bareboat: 

It is appropriate for travelers who prefer the perfect blend of leisure and adventure. If you want to get a memorable cruising experience, you should go with the Bahamas bareboat. You can get lots of comfort and space in these bareboat. There are arrangements of linens, cooking implements, safety gear, electronics, etc. If you are an adventure freak, you can get hold of diving accessories and cell phones.

Choose a yacht charter that caters to your preferences. The Bahamas Private Boat Charters are bound to enhance your traveling experience. Book a charter and explore the grandeur of the Bahamas.

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