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What Points Should You Consider to Create the Perfect Yacht Charter?

Posted on by John Flemming

Being new to chartering, determining the perfect yacht for your holiday in the Dominican Republic that meets your needs can feel daunting. Especially if you are not aware of the considerations you need to make when planning to spend the vacation on a private yacht. Below, you will get a clear idea about what things to take into account when booking a charter holiday.

Types of Yacht

Two types of yachts are popular for chartered holidays – sail and motor. Both offer an entirely different experience on the water, but the configurations of the cabins are mostly similar. This means that it depends on you whether you want to sail the seas at your own comfortable pace or cruise the coastline effortlessly. If you are having trouble deciding, motor yachts are often the most preferred choice for a Dominican Republic yacht charter due to the availability of speed choice.

Size of the Yacht

In most cases, the configuration of the yacht is more important than its size. The best way to choose your yacht size is to decide how many cabins you are in need of. Legally, there cannot be more than 12 guests onboard, i.e. most yachts hold a maximum capacity of 6 cabins. Upon deciding how many people you will have on board, as well as their sleeping arrangements – pullman, twin or double beds – determine the number of cabins you require. You can explore your choices hereon. The size of the yacht and the number of decks is an important element because it is the space you will need to use whilst on board.

Watersports Equipment

Almost every Dominican Republic yacht charter is equipped with a set of watersports equipment and toys, so you should decide beforehand what kind of activities you are interested in doing whilst being on the yacht. It will probably also provide you with a tender – a little boat to support the yacht. Whilst it will help you with amazing activities like pulling inflatables or waterskiing, you will also be able to use it to go on and off the shore.


The majority of the yachts come with a crew, a captain, and also other staff like a stewardess and a chef. It is important to consider crew members when you are booking a luxury yacht, and it is recommended that you also take into account the number of guests you will have on board, the amount of time you will spend on the yacht, and the activities you will participate in.


It might not seem to be too hard to choose a place, often people who have not chartered a yacht before are open to suggestions regarding the best destinations to cruise. If you are not able to decide, find yourself an established broker who can help. If you are choosing a Dominican Republic yacht charter, there are more than plenty of places you can explore.
So, these are a few simple elements you should consider when chartering a luxury yacht. You will live every dollar you pay for.

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