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Top 6 things you must do and see during Bimini yacht charter vacation

Posted on by John Flemming

Bimini is the best destination for an island retreat. The calm coast and the serene beauty of the sea are perfect for honeymoon travellers, although it is a popular spot for corporate retreats as well. However, the true essence of a Bimini vacation can only be experienced if you charter a yacht for the trip. 

If you are planning to book such a charter, here are some activities that you can take part in during the vacation.

Scuba diving- 

The coral reefs and the presence of marine life in the region, makes Bimini a popular spot for people looking to engage in scuba diving. Additionally, the area has a history of shipwrecks, which can add to the mystery and charm while you dive and witness the remains of these long lost ships.

Fountain of youth-

While undertaking a Bimini Yacht Charter, you should visit the fabled Fountain of Youth founded by Juan Ponce de León. While myth states that the pool reduces your age, it is actually a freshwater pool rich in a variety of minerals. The place is also known as the Sinking Hole, due to the presence of several underwater tunnels. While you may not become young again, bathing in the pool can be relaxing and rejuvenating for your health.

Bimini beaches- 

Almost all yacht charterers love the clear sandy beaches of Bimini. Walking on the beach to the tune of the waves along with friends or family or your partner, while the sun shines on you is an indescribable feeling. Popular beaches in the region include Porgy Bay, Bimini Bay and Paradise Point. Take your time exploring all these beaches.

Play with dolphins- 

Human beings love dolphins almost as much as dolphins seem to like humans. During the course of your Bimini Yacht Charter, you may come across these creatures. Dolphins are generally quite friendly and do not pose any risk to humans. You can swim with them and revel in their company. It would almost make you want to adopt one of these adorable creatures!


Bimini lies near a popular fishing trail in the Bahamas, named Out Islands. If you are interested in fishing, you are likely to lay your hands on a bluefin tuna fish or even huge bonefishes. Talk to your charter company to arrange a visit to this famous fishing spot.

Hemingway Museum- 

If you are a fan of Hemingway’s works, you must not miss a visit to the Hemingway Museum in the Compleat Angler Hotel. This is where Hemingway penned some of the works in later life. The museum contains some of the finest works from the author, which he produced during his 2-year period stay in the area.
Bimini Yacht Charters have a variety of things to offer to people, based on their interest. However, before you book a trip, you must inform the charter company regarding your plans and interests, so that they can come up with a proper itinerary for the vacation.  

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